37 Christian Authors: Some Bestselling, Some Lesser Known, but All Aiming to Glorify God in Their Work

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With more than 2 billion followers globally, Christianity remains the largest religion in the world.

It is expected to remain the religion with the most followers until at least 2050, according to a survey conducted by Pew Research Center in 2012. With the vast number of Christians worldwide, there are thousands of Christian writers all over the world that are inspiring millions through their words and stories.

I’ve narrowed the field to list 37 of these talented Christian authors, ranging from contemporary authors to ministry leaders, founders, and even ones from the earlier centuries. Some are best-selling and some are more obscure, but all challenge us to follow Christ more closely.

There will be some writers that you know and some that delight and surprise you.

So here we go!

In a hurry?

Here are a few of the top-selling books on Christianity of all-time!


Talking about best-selling authors, Sarah at the top of the list. Her devotional book, Jesus Calling, has sold over 25 million books around the world. Together with her husband, she travels a lot to minister, plant churches, and do counseling around the world.


Clive Staples Lewis is considered to be one of the most celebrated of Christian authors in modern times. He wrote over 30 books, including The Space TrilogyMere Christianity, and the well-known Chronicles Of Narnia whose film adaptation was widely watched by both Christians and Non-Christians.


Priscilla Shirer is a Christian author and motivational speaker who also starred in different Christian films. She has written more than a dozen books and would like to connect primarily with women for them to experience the power of truths available in God’s scriptures.


A New York Times best-selling author and a recipient of numerous awards like the Christian Retailers Choice Award and Carol Awards to name a few, Terri has more than 7 million books sold worldwide. One of her objectives in writing is for her readers to know that they’re not alone, and all trials in life have a purpose.

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My book series Why Leadership Sucks, now with two volumes, will make you laugh and cry as I share the challenges of aiming to lead as Christ did, as a servant of others first and foremost.

Kyle is currently the Teaching Pastor of Southeast Christian Church, the fifth largest church in the country with over 20,000 attendees every week. He’s a best-selling author of numerous books including his most recent work, Don’t Give Up.


A best-selling author and recipient of numerous awards including the 2011 Lifetime Achievement Award from American Christian Fiction Writers, Tracie has already written more than 100 books since her first contract in November 1992. Currently, she’s happily married with three children.


Tagged by Reader’s Digest as “America’s Pastor,” Max currently serves as a Preaching Ministry at Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas. For over 30 years, he has sold more than 100 million books worldwide across 54 languages.


As the founder of Living Proof Ministries, Beth’s main goal is to help women create a closer relationship with Jesus by studying the Scripture. She is the author and teacher of best-selling books and Bible studies, especially for women.

10. Ed Gungor

Ed Gungor, a New York Times bestselling author.


Ed is the author of several books including the New York Times bestseller, There is More to the Secret. For more than 35 years, he has dedicated himself to helping people make progress in their spiritual lives. In addition to being a Bishop in the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches (CEEC), he has travelled around the world to speak in churches, schools, and seminars.


Known to be one of the most influential Christian leaders of the 20th century, Billy was believed to have an audience reach of approximately 2.5 billion people worldwide in his lifetime. He wrote several best-selling books, including The Jesus GenerationAngels: God’s Secret Agents, and How to Be Born Again.


Aside from being a former President and CEO of LifeWay Christian Resource, Thom is the CEO and founder of an online community for church leaders called the Church Answers. He authored more than two dozen books that primarily talk about pastoral leadership and church’s health and growth.


Lysa Terkeurst is a New York Times best-selling author of more than 16 books and has been in the industry for over 15 years. As the founder of Proverbs 31 Ministries, she seeks to encourage the organization’s millions of followers to live every day with God  through daily devotions, online Bible studies, and more.


Kenneth, together with his wife, Gloria, has been traveling the world to teach God’s Word for over 52 years. Aside from being the founder of Kenneth Copeland Ministries, he has co-authored several books with her wife including From Faith to Faith: A Daily Guide to VictoryHealing Promises, and Limitless Love.
Portrait of Kelly Minter
Kelly is a singer, songwriter, speaker, and author who’s been passionate about helping women discover Jesus through the Word of God. Some of her books are Finding God FaithfulAll Things New, and What Love Is.

16. Tony Evans

Tony Evans, one of the most effective preachers of our time


Tony currently serves as a Senior Pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas which he also founded in 1976. He is one of the most respected Pastors in the US and has been named by Baylor University as one of the 12 Most Effective Preachers in the English-Speaking World.

According to Liz’s website, her three abiding passions are encouraging women in Christ, studying the stories of women in the Bible, and creating stories set in Old Scotland. She is a best-selling author of more than thirty books and has spoken in over 1,700 inspirational conferences all around the United States and other foreign countries including Scotland.


Before writing books and Bible Studies, Angie started as a blogger in 2008 when she shared the story of her fourth daughter, Audrey. Now, Angie continues to be passionate about sharing her life’s ups and downs as a way to encourage people in their faith.

Joyce, known to be a charismatic author and speaker, has written several best-selling Christian books that reached millions of people worldwide. She is the president of Joyce Meyer Ministries that aims to provide humanitarian aid worldwide and to teach both Christians and non-Christians how to apply biblical principles in everyday life.

Image of Lisa Harper
Known for her relatable stories and humor, Lisa is fond of connecting Bible to pop culture with her writing and speaking. Aside from being a speaker of many events and churches worldwide, She has already published 12 books, including her most recent book, Believing Jesus: Are You Willing To Risk Everything?

A retrieved photo of Oswald Chambers

Oswald is best known for My Utmost for His Highest, a best-selling book that his widow published after he died. It is a daily devotional that includes 365 of Oswald’s talks and sermons to students and soldiers.


An 11-time Circle of Excellence winner and 4-time award-winning author, Jennifer has inspired not just single parents but millions of people around the world through her remarkable personal stories of mistakes, abuse, and teen pregnancy. She founded The Life of a Single Mom Ministries and has authored several books primarily for parents, women, and single moms.


Aside from being the current lead pastor of The Village Church in Flower Mound, Texas, Matt is also the president of the church planting network called Acts 29. He has authored several books including the Joy in the Sorrow: How a Thriving Church (and its Pastor) Learned to Suffer Well and The Apostles’ Creed.


Aside from being the co-writer of four New York Times best-selling books, he also wrote and directed films including Facing the GiantsFireproofWar Room, and Overcomer where he was also an actor. He’s passionate about telling stories of hope and redemption.


After Alex is his brother, Stephen, who co-wrote and produced most of his brother’s films. He is the co-author of several New York Times best-selling books including The Love Dare, a 40-day devotional book that aims to strengthen marriages.


Rachel Jankovic is the author of books: Loving the Little YearsFit to Burst: Abundance, Mayhem, and the Joys of Motherhood, and most recently, You Who? Why You Matter and How to Deal with It. She’s one of the four founders of Femina Girls whose main goal is to spread encouragement to Christian women.

David is the pastor-teacher of McLean Bible Church and has written several books including his New York Times bestseller, Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream. He is the founder of Radical.net that aims to help churches in pursuing the mission of Christ.



Jennifer has a strong desire for sharing her challenges in life as a way to encourage women to look behind their situations. She is the author of more than 11 books and Bible Studies, including her bestsellers Lessons I Learned in the Dark and Invisible: How You Feel is Not Who You Are.


Some of Chesterton’s phenomenal works OrthodoxyThe Everlasting Man, and The Man Who Was Thursday are recognized to have a wide appeal even among his fiercest critics.


Josh McDowell has written more than 150 books including the Evidence That Demands a Verdict (Tagged as 13th Most influential evangelical books after World War II by Christianity Today) and other famous titles like More Than a Carpenter and Right from Wrong. He considered himself an agnostic as a young man before his life changed after experiencing the power of God’s love.


Dr. Tim Kimmel, who has always been passionate when it comes to nurturing families, has authored several books that have helped many homes worldwide including, Connecting Church and HomeGrace-Filled Mariage, and Raising Kids for True Greatness. He is the founder of Family Matters whose mission is to help families become instruments of reformation and restoration through God’s grace.


James is the founder of Focus on the Family, an organization that focuses on helping families to help couples build a God-centric healthy marriage and to help parents raise their children with values based on God’s Scriptures. He has authored and co-authored over 36 books including, The Strong Willed ChildBringing Up Boys, and Bringing Up Girls.


A former atheist who was supposed to write about how the Christian faith was absurd found captivating proof that led him to follow Jesus Christ. Lee has written over twenty best-selling books, including his most notable book The Case for Christ, where he talks about his conversion to Christianity.

34. John Piper

An image of John Piper, founder of The Desiring God Organization.


John Piper authored more than 100 books, including his most notable book Desiring God and recently Why I Love the Apostle Paul: 30 Reasons. He served as the head pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis for over 33 years and founded The Desiring God Organization in 1994 to help people worldwide live in God’s glory.


Lauren is a worship leader at The Village Church in Flower Mound with her husband, Matt, as the lead teaching pastor. She has written several songs and books including Goodbye to Goodbyes and Steadfast Love.

36. Thomas à Kempis

A retrieved photo of the well-know classical Christian writer, Thomas à Kempis.


Kempis’ The Imitation of Christ, even with its total sales unknown, is believed to be the second best-selling and most influential Christian books of all time after The Bible. During the time it was published, there was no other book translated into more languages other than The Bible.


Imagine spending two years together with the people who killed the love of your life? This is what Elisabeth Elliot did when she decided to be a missionary to the Auca people, the tribe who killed her husband. Throughout her life as a missionary, Christian author, and speaker, she has inspired many people around the world, especially with her daily radio program that she began by saying, “You are loved with an everlasting love and underneath are the everlasting arms.”

Do You Know More Inspiring Christian Authors?

A person holding a Bible and a pen.


A list of 37 is not enough to mention all the talented Christian authors worldwide. There is Jim Cymbala who authored the bestselling book about prayer, Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire.

Not to mention is John Bunyan from the 17th century who wrote several books including, The Life and Death of Mr. BadmanSaved by GraceThe Holy War, and his bestselling book, Pilgrim’s Progress. A lot of authors indeed with different styles and passions but with one mission, to inspire and teach Christians all over the world through the help of God’s words.

As inspiring and eclectic as this list is, if there are others you think I should add to my list, please leave your comments below.

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