31 Christian Books: A Mix of Fiction, Nonfiction, & Classics to Help You Inspire & Encourage Your Faith in Christ

Reading the Bible is one of the best ways to grow as a Christian because as we read it, the more we know about God, resulting in a deeper and closer relationship with him. Reading other Christian books like daily devotionals, novels about faith or miracles, and Bible study books, among others are also an effective way to inspire and strengthen our spiritual lives.

But don’t forget to filter what you read through what the Bible says, and then if it passes that test, apply it to your life by practicing those principles until they become a habit. We must think critically and not just accept what someone says just because they are a Christian author.

We’ve compiled 31 Christian books that are worthy of a place on your bookshelves. Some of these books sold millions worldwide, turned into movies, and recognized with awards. Others have only sold a few thousand copies, but are nonetheless impactful!

Get ready to take your faith to a whole new level.

Ready, set, go!

1. Basic Christianity by John Stott

The cover of Basic Christianity


Tagged by Christianity Today as the “Book of the Century,” this book by John Scott will give you a clear statement of who Jesus Christ is and what the Christian faith is all about.


This phenomenal work from John Murray tackles the two stages of redemption: how it is obtained and how it is applied in everyday life. It talks about the importance of faith, repentance, and the role of the death of Christ in our redemption.

3. A Quest for Godliness by J. I. Packer


Ready for a quest?

This book by J. I. Packer will take you to an inspiring and daring adventure of Puritan spiritual life. For this book, Packer studied the lives and teachings of many notable Puritan leaders like John Owen, Jonathan Edwards, and Richard Baxter

4. A Chance to Die by Elisabeth Elliot

The cover of A Chance to Die written by Elisabeth Elliot


Will you take a chance to die and reclaim your life and dedication to Christ?

In this book, Elisabeth Elliot talks about the life of Amy Carmichael, an inspirational missionary who started the Dohnavur Fellowship, a shelter for children in need.

5. Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

Cover of Jesus Calling by Sarah Young


Thousands of powerful words about comfort, hope, and reassurance are placed on the pages of this book that has touched millions of people worldwide. Feel the calling of Jesus and get closer to Him every day through Young’s personal journals.

6. How Happiness Happens by Max Lucado

How Happiness Happens' book cover


If you’re one of the billions of people whose greatest goal is to be happy, grab this book and discover practical ways of gaining lasting happiness through the teachings of Jesus.

7. I am a Church Member by Thom S. Rainer

I am a Church Member by Thom Rainer


Ministry leader and best-selling author Thom Rainer discusses how to be a more engaged member of a church and why that matters to our spiritual growth. At the end of this book, readers will be convinced that being a believer doesn’t end in joining a church, but it is a lifetime commitment to being active as a church member.

8. Risen Motherhood by Emily Jensen & Laura Wifler

Risen Motherhood, co-authored by Emily Jensen & Laura Rifler


In this book, Emily and Laura presented ways to apply the Scriptures to daily issues moms face in the modern world. After reading this book, mothers will find new joy and hope in their motherhood.

9. Why Leadership Sucks® Volume 1 by Miles Anthony Smith

The book cover of Why Leadership Sucks Volume 1


The first volume of my Why Leadership Sucks® series shares funny and frustrating stories about servant leadership as Christ’s example taught us. It will discuss why this type of leadership is worth it and how it is a better approach in the long-term even though, at times, it does suck.

10. Love Does by Bob Goff

Love Does by Bob Goff


Discover more meaning of love through this book injected with a lot of lessons from Bob’s life. With its fun and unique approach, be inspired to face each day with love and faith.


In this busy world where a lot is happening around us, we sometimes forget to pray. Miller’s encouraging approach will help you communicate better with God, leading to a more intimate relationship with Him.

12. Trusting God: Even When Life Hurts by Jerry Bridges

Trusting God: Even When Life Hurts by Jerry Bridges


Even as a believer, there will be circumstances in life that will make us question God’s care for us. This book from Jerry Bridges will give us a better understanding of God’s loving control, helping us trust Him more whether in good times or bad ones.


If you know someone who’s trying to break free from the deceitful web of pornography, this book is a good one to recommend. Help them turn a life of impurity into a life based on the power of God’s grace and Scriptures.

14. Finally Alive by John Piper

The book cover of ​Finally Alive by John Piper


John Piper clearly explains the real meaning of turning away from your old life to be born again. Be confident to explain the concept of being “born again” the next time someone asked you after reading this book.

15. Chosen by God by R.C. Sproul

The cover of Chosen by God by R. C. Sproul


Do we choose God, or does He choose us?

Get a better understanding of human freedom, the Christian doctrine of predestination, God’s sovereignty, and more after reading this exceptional work of R.C. Sproul.


Know the common ground where all those of Christian faith stand together. This C. S. Lewis classic was originally published as three separate pamphlets namely The Case for Ch ristianityChristian Behavior, and Beyond Personality.

17. The Imitation of Christ by Thomas à Kempis

The Imitation of Christ, a bestselling book by Thomas a Kempis


Also mentioned on my list of 37 Christian authors, it is considered the best-selling and most influential Christian book next to the Bible. This devotional book from Kempis is distinguished by its emphasis on how to live a spiritual life like Christ by turning away from worldly things.


Encounter the overwhelming and unconditional love of God through the words of Francis Chan. This book will make you realize why falling in love with God could be the best thing for you.


Don Piper talks about his near-death experience and how he experienced the glories of heaven within 90 minutes of being pronounced dead. This book co-authored by Cecil Murphey has sold more than six million copies worldwide and has a film adaptation.


Feeling unworthy, insecure, or unhappy?

Let Rachel Hollis’ words stop you from believing the lies that hold you back from living a life with passion and joy. With millions sold worldwide, this book has helped a lot of women to live with a better mindset and self-confidence that comes from knowing who we are in Christ.

21. The 5 Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman

The book cover of The 5 Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman


Learn the five ways of expressing and experiencing love that can help relationships go deeper and stronger. This book has sold over 11 million copies and has helped countless relationships of different kinds worldwide.


This book will teach you to choose to see the purpose of God in all circumstances, whether in times of happiness or tragedy. Find hope through the words of Mary Beth Chapman as she shares her journey through tears and laughter.


Using science experiments to teach Bible lessons?

I bet you’ve never heard that before. Catch the attention of children (or even adults!) as you teach Bible principles with the 77 simple science activities on this book.

24. Miracles from Heaven by Christy Wilson-Beam

Miracles from Heaven, a film-turned-book


Be inspired by a true story about healing, family, and faith. After reading this story of a young girl that inspired a film, have the confidence to say that miracles are real.

25. Thirty-One Prayers for my Husband by Jennifer Smith

The front cover of Thirty-One Prayers for my Husband


Praying is one of the most important aspects of our Christian life. For wives out there, you can now more easily pray for and with your husband regularly in order to strengthen your spiritual life and your marriage.


Sharing the gospel is one of our missions as a Christian, but it’s easy to be discouraged in this world that doesn’t want to hear it. Through this book, be equipped to share the good news by learning new and effective methods of evangelism from Sam Chan.


In this world where selfies are all over the place, Craig Detweiler challenges us to live in the image of God and stay away from alarming obsessions of beauty, wealth, and fame.


Know the importance of rural churches and how can they become valuable assets to urban and suburban churches? Check this one out! Because after all, “we, though many, are one body in Christ (Romans 12:5).”

29. The Morals of the Story: Good News About a Good God by David and Marybeth Baggett

The Morals of the Story: Good News About a Good God by David and Marybeth Baggett


This book awarded by Christianity Today as 2019 Book of the Year Award of Merit lays arguments that support God’s existence and influence in our daily lives.

30. Overcomer by Chris Fabry

The front cover of Overcomer by Chris Fabry


Most of the time, books are turned into movies, but this book was first a movie. Revisit the story of an aspiring athlete and her coach through the inspiring words of Chris Fabry.


We Too: How the Church Can Respond Redemptively to the Sexual Abuse Crisis by Mary Demuth
In the rise of #MeToo movement, the church should be a haven for people seeking healing after a traumatic abuse. Mary Demuth offers a good foundation for the church to become a safe place of healing through this book.

Read Inspiring Christian Books, Apply Biblical Principles, Share the Books, & Help Change Lives!

A little boy reads the Bible while lying on bed.


With loads of Christian books to choose from, you may need more bookshelves.

But don’t forget to filter what you read through what the Bible says, and then if it passes that test, apply it to your life by practicing those principles until they become a habit. We must think critically and not just accept what someone says just because they are a Christian author.

And if you run out of space on your bookshelf, feel free to share your Christian books with others Christ-followers as well as non-believers.

After all, we’re asked to share the good news with others. And why not? Since God has redeemed us from our sins, we have so much to be grateful for!

If there are other books that can help others grow in their faith and should be on the list, please let me know in the comments below.

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