3 Considerations for Choosing Your Perfect Pair of Steampunk Sunglasses or Prescription Glasses

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A pair of steampunk glasses.

Few styles can match the popularity of Steampunk comics, movies, TV shows, video games. Of course, the fashion world has fallen in love with this eccentric style. Steampunk blends the historic with the futuristic to create something truly imaginative and wondrous. See more on steampunk shades here through Top Tier Style.

It’s easy to see why this unorthodox style has become so popular, and today I am going to share with you how to find your dream pair of steampunk sunglasses. Steampunk and sunglasses are already the perfect match the coolest style meets the coolest accessory.

What more could you need?

Sunglasses are also a vital part of your summer wardrobe; nothing says fashionable and stylish like a good pair of sunglasses. And the steampunk style perfectly complements them!​

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So, let’s look at everything you need to look at to find your own perfect pair shall we?

Which Section Do You Want to Read First?

1. The Price Tag: Loads of Cash to Burn or No?

Let’s get the most difficult part out of the way first. The Steampunk style can be very expensive, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t find a nice pair of sunglasses on a budget. You’d be surprised what you can find when you search around especially online where the style is so popular.


These sunglasses from Glimmery might not offer many extra features or be made from the finest materials but they still look good and capture the all-important Steampunk style don’t they?


Of course, if you do have a bit more money to spend, you can certainly find higher-end pieces available as well, like these sunglasses from Moosejaw. But whether you’re on a small budget or not you can certainly find a wide-range of sunglasses available.

2. Does it Fit Your Style?

A man in a more flashy steampunk style outfit.

Steampunk is not a one size fits all style, there are many offshoots and variants, so you need to think about what style you want.

Do you want a more minimalist style or a more traditional steampunk look? Both styles work brilliantly and represent the steampunk name but everyone as a preference or a style that suits their face better. Read up on more steampunk shades info here.

3. The Color Makes it Unique

It might not seem like it, but the color really can make a huge difference to sunglasses which is why you should think carefully about it. The color of the frame might not be a huge deal with regular sunglasses but with steampunk ones, you’ll have a much wider selection to choose from.

Do you want a sleek modern black or a more rustic bronze? But the biggest thing to think about is the lens color, sunglasses come with a huge assortment of different lens options, including shades of green, blue, orange, red and many more.

With some sunglasses, you might be able to switch lenses while others will be static. It might be tempting to go all out with a more unusual or striking color, but think about the rest of your outfit.

Shocking, bright red lenses might certainly leave an impact, but will they look good on you?

12 Fabulous Types of Steampunk Sunglasses & Prescription Glasses

Steampunk sunglasses and prescription glasses come in many styles, colors, and shapes. Let’s dive right into our list of the 12 most popular types.

Let us know in the comments section below if you think we missed one; we are always open to expanding this list.

Do you fancy yourself a steampunk fanatic year round? Steampunk prescription glasses will let you show off your style without sacrificing your vision.

The round steampunk sunglasses from Top Tier.

The sophistication of steampunk meets the functionality of Ray Bans with round steampunk sunglasses. Make a statement while protecting your eyes with these frames!
The epitome of classic. These traditional steampunk glasses frames make a bold statement and set you apart from the crowd.

The retro steampunk sunglasses from Top Tier.

Steampunk collides with retro! Retro steampunk sunglasses combine two great styles with functionality, letting you be yourself without all that squinting outdoors.
Do you work in a factory, construction site, or regularly work with your hands? Steampunk safety glasses let you stay safe while looking fantastic at the same time.

The vintage steampunk sunglasses from Top Tier.

Steampunk derives much of its charm from its antiquated look. Vintage steampunk sunglasses are the epitome of this, with vintage charm and bold, dark lenses.
Not every steampunk convention or gathering is indoors. Complete your favorite steampunk outfit while protecting your eyes from dangerous UV rays with steampunk sunglasses polarized.

Much like their sunglass counterparts, vintage steampunk glasses take the antiquity of steampunk to the next level. Be the talk of the party with vintage steampunk glasses that pair with any outfit.


Retro steampunk glasses combine the fun of retro with the style of steampunk. Unlike their sunglass counterparts, these can be worn anytime, anywhere!

The Solstice steampunk sunglasses.

Round, sophisticated, and stylish, the solstice steampunk sunglasses are the perfect complement to any steampunk outfit. With several colors available, you can have a pair for every outfit!
The bold style of steampunk meets funky aerodynamics in these Oakley steampunk sunglasses. Whether you’re going to a steampunk party or about to ride your mountain bike, these frames are the perfect fit.

The Hyperion steampunk sunglasses.

No matter the color of your favorite outfit, you can find the perfect pairing with the Hyperion steampunk sunglasses. Available in several colors, these round frames are clean, stylish, and fun

Uncover Your Next Steampunk Accessory & Build Your Collection

A steampunk man wearing numerous steampunk accessories.

Now that you’ve found your next favorite pair (or pairs) of steampunk glasses and sunglasses, you need to take your steampunk outfit to the next level.

The beauty of steampunk is its flexibility. Find something awesome at a thrift shop? Add it to your outfit! Feel your outfit is missing some accessories? Pick out a unique steampunk or skeleton watch to really set your outfit off.

Steampunk is truly timeless, and it’s not going anywhere. Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been a steampunk for years, it’s never too late to add some new items into the mix!

I would love to know what you think of steampunk sunglasses and what additions you would make to this list. Please leave them in the comments below.

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