Get Pumped for Work With These 33 Songs


Some songs help you vent your career frustration when you are working for “the man” (or woman) who is a jerk, and there are others to get you fired up about being successful in your job.But whether we are frustrated or elated, music has a way of calming our frayed nerves, soothing our weary soul, or making our heart soar. If you are looking for something more slow and ethereal like handpan music, these aren’t that.

So join me on the journey of life and listen to these 33 best pump up songs about jobs to energize your soul!

1. Working For the Weekend by Loverboy (1981)

For your sanity’s sake and those around you, I hope you don’t have a job that you simply can’t stand and only “work for the weekend”.

2. 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton (1980)

The traditional job is changing rapidly, leaving behind the staid 9 to 5 work hours.

3. Busy Man by Billy Ray Cyrus (1998)

The man famous for “Achy Breaky Heart” wrote a song about being a busy working man.

4. Working For a Living by Huey Lewis & The News (1982)

Wow, this is a young Huey Lewis!

5. She Works Hard For The Money by Donna Summer (1983)

Do you work hard or smart for your money? I do both.

6. Shiftwork by Kenny Chesney and George Strait (2007)

With a funny play on words, Kenny embodies the frustration with shiftwork.

7. Manic Monday by The Bangles (1986)

We’ve all had that (or many) “Manic Mondays”. If you have too many of these regularly, it may be time to seek a new job or career path.

8. Taking’ Care of Business by Bachman Turner Overdrive (1974)

Do you take care of business at work, or do you dawdle, wishing the day will go by more quickly? I hope you follow the former.

9. Working Girl by Cher (1987)

10. It’s Five O’ Clock Somewhere by Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffett (2003)

Most of us pine for the time where we are off work and can rest. It’s always five o’ clock somewhere!

11. Take This Job and Shove It by Johnny Paycheck (1977)

While I’ve never said this outloud, I’ve thought it many times.

12. Money for Nothing by Dire Straits (1985)

13. Heigh Ho by The Seven Dwarfs, Disney (1937)

Who doesn’t love the seven dwarfs?Listen to Doc, Dopey, Bashful, Grumpy, Sneezy, Sleepy, and Happy. Are you happy in your job?

14. Working Class Hero by John Lennon (1970)

15. Five O’Clock World by The Vogues (1966)

This song was the theme song on the Drew Carey Show in the 1990s and early 2000s.

16. Bang On The Drum All Day by Todd Rundgren (1983)

17. Chain Gang by Sam Cooke (1960)

While they’ve outlawed prisoners working on a chain gang, some people feel this way about their career.

18. Sixteen Tons by Tennessee Ernie Ford (1955)

19. Working Man by Rush (1974)

20. Drinking Class by Lee Brice (2014)
While this song was originally performed by Harry Chapin, Ugly Kid Joe recorded it in the early 1990s.

21. Blue Collar Man (Long Nights) by Styx (1978)

Are you a blue collar or white collar worker?

22. Welcome to the Working Week by Elvis Costello (1977)

23. Career Opportunities by The Clash (1977)

I hope you have many career opportunities throughout your life. Don’t hesitate to take calculated risks and jump rather than always play it safe.

24. Morning Train (Nine to Five) by Sheena Easton (1981)

25. Self Made by Little Big Town (2012)

26. Working for the Man by Roy Orbison (1960s)

27. Be So Glad When the Sun Goes Down by Ed Lewis

28. Cats in The Cradle by Ugly Kid Joe (1992)

While this song was originally performed by Harry Chapin, Ugly Kid Joe recorded it in the early 1990s.

29. Hard Hat and a Hammer by Alan Jackson (2010)

Song was written and recorded by American country music artist Alan Jackson. It was released in May 2010 as the second single from his sixteenth studio album Freight Train, which was released on March 30, 2010.

30. Hard Way to Make an Easy Living by Toby Keith (2013)

This song released in 2013 by Toby Keith included in his album Drinks After Work.

31. Live a Little by Kenny Chesney (1992)

Song written by David Lee Murphy and Shane Minor and recorded by American country music singer Kenny Chesney. It was released in March 2011 as the third single from Chesney’s 2010 album Hemingway’s Whiskey. The song reached number one on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart in May 2011.

32. Work Hard, Play Harder by Gretchen Wilson (2009)

33. Working Man Blues by Merle Haggard (1992)

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