28 Popular Beard & Facial Hair Types and Leaders Sporting Them

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​There are so many variations of beard types, it is hard to keep track of them all. I think the reason there are so many types of facial hair is that everyone wants to express themselves in a unique way…to distinguish themselves from others.And for those of us who are leaders with public personas that to attend, we are perhaps even more conscious of our facial appearance. I admit that this is a strong reason for my facial hair type.Plus social scientists have noted a shocking number of stats that appearance can have real positive or negative consequences, depending on whether others perceive you as trustworthy or good looking.Check out these research stats on how we can benefit or suffer from our appearance:

Enjoy this list of 28 beard types and please leave your comments in the section at the bottom of this post with additional facial hair types you think I should add to the list.

1. French Fork (or Ducktail)

Brad Pitt and Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) have sported the forktail and wear it well.
         Jack Sparrow is known for his French Fork or Ducktail facial hair.   Brad Pitt has worn his facial hair in the French Fork or Ducktail style.

2. Old Dutch

This beard type was started by the Dutch. Nice and bushy beard that covers the chin but minus a mustache and hair on some of the cheek area.

3. Mutton Chops

My brother-in-law Mike Jeffcoat had mutton chops for a short time.

4. Garibaldi

​This one is becoming more popular in baseball. The look is named for Giuseppe Garibaldi, an Italian national hero.

Kirk Nieuwenhuis sporting the Garibaldi beard.   A man with the Garibaldi facial hair.

5. Imperial

This beard type has been worn by international political leaders and…Mel Gibson. Looks kinda creepy if you ask me.

6. Anchor

This beard type looks sorta like a boat anchor. Iron Man aka Tony Stark (actor Robert Downey Jr.) dons this facial hair type and wears it well!
  A man with the Anchor style of facial hair, a known made popular by Tony Stark.    Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, sporting the Anchor facial hair.

7. Goatee

Many Hollywood actors have grown this facial hair style. Some with the mustache, some without.Ben Affleck, Jesse James, andIdris Elba to name a few…

8. Van Dyke

​Christian Bale and Jeremy Renner seem to wear this facial hair type well.

   Ben Affleck wore a goatee for quite some time.   Christian Bale with the Van Dyke style facial hair.    Jeremy Renner with the Van Dyke facial hair style.

9. Stubble

Paul Ryan, George Michael, and Drake are just a few of many prominent leaders who choose the stubble beard style.
    Paul Ryan with stubble facial hair.   George Michael often had stubble on his face.    Drake with stubble, a look he often wears.

10. General Lee

Defined by the man himself…General Robert E. Lee

11. Salvador Dali

I don’t know anyone famous who can sport this…at least not as a joke.

12. Fu Manchu

Hulk Hogan and Joe Flacco are two rare birds that wear the Fu Manchu. Get the pun? Flacco plays quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens, and Hogan is quite the eccentric ex-wrestler.

13. Groucho Marx

No, not THAT Marx guy. The funny one who has the bushy mustache that starts nearly above his nose.

14. Hitler

No one dares to don the Hitler mustache for fear of being associated with the infamous dictator. Check out more of his infamous quotes in one of my other posts 55 Infamous Dictator Leadership Quotes: Despotic, Autocratic, & Tyrannical.

15. Handlebar

This one is a great “before” and “after” picture of Rand Fishkin, head of a top SEO strategy company Moz. Which one is more memorable?
   Rand Fishkin without his Handlebar mustache, a look he later became known for.   Rand Fishkin with a handlebar mustache, a look he's known for.

16. Chaplin

While this facial hair style is often mistaken for Hitler’s; it is distinctly different. Chaplin’s has more of a flare shape and none of the maniacal, world-dominating, tyrannical aspirations.


17. Sparrow

​Named for Captain Jack Sparrow of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise, Johnny Depp (as Sparrow) and Brad Pitt have donned this facial hair.

    Jack Sparrow with the Sparrow facial hair, a look many would borrow from.   Brad Pitt with the Sparrow facial hair.   A man with the Sparrow facial hair, made famous by Jack Sparrow.

18. Klingon

Ah, yes. Lieutenant Commander Worf of The Next Generation series (Star Trek). He was one of my favorite characters on the best Star Trek show of all time. Picard was a more refined leader than Kirk ever was. Eat your heart out Captain Kirk (and Shatner)!

19. Zappa

Frank Zappa started it, George Michael kept it alive, and Ben Stiller (White Goodman in the Dodgeball movie) killed it. And depending on your perspective, “killing it” might be cool or uncool!
    Frank Zappa with his famous Zappa facial hair.   George Michael with the famous Zappa facial hair style.   Ben Stiller's Dodgeball character with the Zappa facial hair.

20. Soul Patch​

Apolo Anton Ohno, Howie Mandel, and Billy Bob Thornton have sported a little soul with their facial hair. Although, Apolo denies that his is a soul patch; he says it is a goatee. If that’s a goatee, it’s the smallest one ever.
    Apolo Anton Ohno with the soul patch facial hair.   Howie Mandel with a soul patch, a look he is known for.   Billy Bob Thornton with a soul patch.

21. Pencil

Marked by sharp, razor thin lines, this beard type is minimalistic to the extreme.

    A man with the pencil style of facial hair.   This man has the pencil style facial hair.   This man has the pencil or chinstrap style of facial hair.

22. Full Beard Style

​Duck Dynasty, ZZ Top, and Gandalf (Lord of the Rings) are all bad dudes. If you want to wear a full beard, you’ve got to have some bad in you.

    The Duck Dynasty crew has full beards, a style they've revived.   ZZ Top and their full beards, a look they've been known for.   Gandalf of Lord of the Rings fame has a full beard.

23. Cantinflas

Named for the Mexican comic film actor, producer, and screenwriter Mario Moreno (known commonly as Cantinflas), this lacks a middle to a regular mustache, and has only the ends.

24. Copstash Standard

Tom Selleck of Magnum P.I. fame made this popular in the 80s. It derives its name from the combination of cop and stash (short for mustache), since many cops wear this facial hair type. Also, Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) of the Parks and Recreation show sported quite a nice copstash.
         Tom Selleck with a copstash standard, a look he's famous for.   Ron Swanson, played by Nick Offerman, is famous for his Copstash standard.

25. Federation

This minimalistic sideburns was worn by several crew on at least 3 different Star Trek series. Kirk and Spock on the original, Data on Next Generation, and Lieutenant Tom Paris on Voyager.
    Kirk and Spock both have the Federation style sideburns.   Data from Star Trek the Next Generation with Federation style sideburns.   Tom Paris from Stark Trek with the Federation sideburns.

26. Hulihee​

This facial hair type isn’t very popular with its wavy, bushy cheek hair and connecting mustache, at least in the states.
This man has the Hulihee facial hair style. A man with the Hulihee style facial hair.

27. Winnfield

James Winnfield (Samuel L. Jackson) made a splash on pop culture with this beard type.

28. Chin Curtain

​This one is a simple, thinner line of facial hair that follows the jawline.

So, is there any hope of being perceived fairly with or without facial hair or a beard? No, we cannot change our looks, short of a face transplant (video below). But, I believe there is a way we can influence perceptions. Review these 2 posts for more:


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